Is It Really Camping If There’s No Bacon?

Our last get away in The Westy for a few weeks. Since we are awful about planning ahead and reservations are tough to get at many campgrounds this time of year, we decided on heading to The Mountains.


We can be pretty cheap and The Missus really did not want to go grocery shopping before the trip. We were going to forgo bacon for breakfast (a camping staple in our family) and eat what we had in the fridge at home.  Yum {said sarcastically}. Steel cut oats and blueberries for breakfast. Sunflower butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and hamburgers with no buns for dinner.

Not our best showing

Not our best showing

We could not seem to keep the kids busy on Saturday. Even with a trip to the park, a swim, and a bike ride. The were restless and yes – driving us crazy.



We took back control on Sunday. A hike near Lake Alpine up Bee Gulch. It was gorgeous! The kids did well. All in all we think we hiked four miles.



The Girl made it the whole way. She even forged a few creeks. Not a whole lot of wildlife but as The Girl says, “you never know when you are on the trail.”

Creek Forage

The Boy got side tracked by the last of the snow. In the pack he went.


A picnic at Lake Alpine. A little swimming. Enjoying the cool breeze off the lake.

Boy and His Stick


The kids weren’t restless and we weren’t going crazy.

The only thing missing was the bacon.  What is your staple camping food?