Westy in the Redwoods – Richardson’s Grove State Park

The Missus was back to work this week after an amazing summer off. She was cursing herself Friday night. Why, oh why did she plan a camping trip a week into the new school year? After an awesome weekend with the kids in the redwoods, she would totally do it again. Living the dream. Right?

Coastal Redwoods

We loved Richardson’s Grove State Park. It was super kid friendly. The Girl was a big fan if the flush toilets. It has been awhile since we didn’t camp with pit toilets. We hiked 1.6 miles with the kids Saturday morning. Awesome EdVentures hike. Fun little clues for the kids to follow. They had to answer a trivia question to earn a patch from the park ranger. So much fun.

EdVentures Quest

EdVentures Badge

We all napped in The Westy that afternoon. After a long week, it was needed. Great swimming hole on the Eel River. The Missus forgot swimsuits. That didn’t stop the kids from getting wet.


While the Missus cooked dinner, the kids made friends with a little boy camped next to us. Loved how well they played together. All of us loved that it kept the kids entertained. The Mister was not excited to hear we were having chili for dinner. Umm, can you say easy meal planning on a busy week. Turned out to be really good and The Mister said he would totally eat it again.

Cowboy Chili


We walked the interpretive trail with the kids on Sunday morning. Tossed a few rocks into the river and ate whatever food we had left for lunch. And yes – we enjoyed our camping Coke, too.

Interpretative Trail

Eel River

Rock Throw

We stopped and Confusion Hill on the way home. The kids had fun and The Boy dug the train ride.

Confusion Hill

Did we mention we decided to potty train him this week. On top of The Missus being back to work. On top of using a new babysitter. On top of going camping. Not our best in the way of planning. It went well though. Potty training and camping. Who knew?

Potty Training

Have you ever potty trained while camping?


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