Disneyland – Yes, We Camped

We had been promising the kids a trip to Disneyland for some time. They had been saving money in their little Disneyland jar and when we had enough money socked away for tickets we started looking into accommodations. Wow. It was so expensive. The Missus had heard about a campground near the park. Anaheim Resort and RV Park. She looked into it and the prices were right. The reviews were good, too. People might think we are crazy but we decided to camp Disneyland.

Best. Decision. Ever.


The RV park was one mile from Disneyland. The shuttle stops right at the RV park and is about a ten minute ride. They run frequently so we never had a very long wait. The bathrooms at the RV Park were amazing. Recently remodeled, each bathroom was its own self contained unit. They had a sink, shower, and toilet. They were clean and we didn’t find they were all that busy.

The park itself was very parking lot like. Lots of sites and cement. But it is an urban campground that primarily serves huge RV’s. What do you expect? It was really clean and we felt extremely safe. We had hook ups (which turned out to be awesome for charging our devices) and a picnic table which was great for quick breakfasts.

Westy at Disney

The staff was incredibly friendly and they were super accommodating. We had originally planned this trip for September, but then the kids got sick. When I called to change our reservations they were so helpful and didn’t charge us a fee. Really great service.

We would totally camp Disney again. It was a great experience. We maximize our time at the park (we have never spent much time at the hotel) so this really worked for us. Have you camped Disney?


Yosemite – Chasing Fall

The kids were finally better. We were so happy to get back on the road. We had reservations at Yosemite National Park. We hadn’t been since The Girl was two.

Half Dome

We stayed at Crane Flat Campground. It wasn’t in the Yosemite Valley but beggars can’t be choosers. Especially when you plan horribly and get reservations late in the season. The campground was actually really nice. Lots of trees and fun rocks. A little bit on the hilly side. Well, a lot on the hilly side. We really need to invest in some leveling blocks. There is nothing like figuring out how to sleep on a hill.

The fall colors were pretty elusive. We were a few weeks early. We did find one or two trees beginning to change but nothing notable. But really – you are in Yosemite. It is always gorgeous. Even the Rim Fire damage – although devastating – was beautiful in its own way.  The falls were a trickle but still magnificent. Just another reason to plan a spring trip. The Missus should get on that soon. Yosemite reservations are notoriously hard to get; especially in the spring.

Vernal Falls

We hiked to Vernal Falls with the kids. We didn’t make it to Nevada Falls. It got really steep and although we were pretty sure the kids could do it, we didn’t feel like we had enough food and water to combat any whining we might have encountered at the end if the hike. The kids had fun though and the falls were gorgeous.


The weather was brisk during the day and just plain cold at night. We realized that if we were doing any winter camping, we were going to have to get the kids better gear and figure out a way to keep The Westy warm at night. The Mister was looking at heater options but safety is a big issue. We are also reluctant to spend a lot of money on gear for the kids. They grow so fast. Thermals are something we should really look into though.  Warm kids equal happy parents for sure! {Update:  We ended up getting the kids thermals for Christmas from REI.}

Bundled Up

Yosemite is one of those places where the beauty is extraordinary and every trip brings new things to see. Every time we go we wonder why we don’t frequent the park more often. We are already planning a trip back. Who knows, The Missus might even make reservations ahead of time!

The Westy in Yosemite