Wrights Beach – a Great Winter Getaway

Our goal for 2015 is to get out at least once a month with the kids and The Westy and nature.  The weather was pretty nice in January thanks to our epic drought, so we took off for the Sonoma Coast for the long President’s Day weekend.  We stayed at Wright’s Beach, a small campground located right on the beach.  The ocean is super dangerous here, so swimming was definitely out.  In fact, even getting near the water was out. I guess they have sleeper waves here.  The waves are known to sweep people to sea and they are deadly.  It didn’t really matter though.  The kids were content to play in the sand higher up on the beach.  They built sand castles, tried to fly their kites (there wasn’t much wind), and collected rocks.
Sand Castle
We had one heavily foggy day, but otherwise the weather was great.  Temperatures were mild and nothing beats sleeping next to the ocean with the lull of the waves to put you to sleep.
The raccoons were a nuisance.  You really had to keep things stored tight.  They managed to get into our ice chest and swiped our lunch meat and sunflower butter. The kids found it entertaining.
The family camping next to us, introduced us to Phosphorescent plankton that live in the rocks.  If you go out to the beach at night, you can find these microscopic creatures in the sand.  We ran a stick through the sand and they glowed. It was like looking at a million stars.  So amazing.  It was impossible to get a good picture.
On our way home, we stopped at the Russian River Brewery company for an early birthday lunch for The Mister and a case of his favorite beer, Pliny the Elder.  We decided to plan a return trip to Wright’s Beach this summer and hit a couple breweries along the way.

Do you plan trips around your favorite Breweries?  Have any breweries you think we should put on our must visit list?