Our Westy

Both The Mister and I grew up with Volkswagens.  Our parents each owned an old VW bus at some point in our childhoods.  We have fond memories of camping and long road trips in those buses.  Remember the days when parents would take kids to the drive-ins and let you sleep on the fold out bed all the way home?  Seat belts were just an after thought?  Those were some pretty good times.

After we got married, we camped a lot out of our pick-up truck.  We talked about purchasing some kind of camper.  Maybe a tent trailer….Something to make camping a bit easier.  The Mister kept coming back to the VW.  And for years (literally), he would drool over buses on The Samba and talk about purchasing one for our growing family.  It would drive me crazy.  “Just buy it already,” I would say.

Old School

The Mister really liked the Westfalia camper vans.  A little bit newer than the old VW buses and with the more modern amenities, this seemed like a better fit for our family.  Neither one of us are that great at doing anything with a car beyond changing the oil, so purchasing a newer vehicle seemed more our speed.

In 2014, we decided to take the plunge and buy our dream car.  The Mister searched for months and actually started making trips out to test drive a few.  We decided the Weekender would be better suited for our family.  We liked the idea of having more space.  We were terrified The Boy would get into mischief with all the buttons and gadgets that came with the kitchens (the Weekender does not have a kitchen), and we really didn’t see ourselves cooking inside the vehicle.

We got really lucky when we found our Westfalia just a few towns away only a few months into our search.  The owner had picked it up from an older gentleman – the original owner we think.  He had intended to keep it himself, but found another Westfalia he liked better.  We loved the two jumper seats and it was so clean.  Really, really clean.  It was a 1990 and low in mileage. If we were going to do it, this is The Westy we wanted.

We will never forget the kids faces when The Mister drove up to our house in The Westy.  Shear joy.  Man they were excited.

We Bought A Bus

1990 VW Vanagaon Westfalia Weekender


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